Zach Levy Sailing

Zach Levy

Entrepreneur and Developer in Toronto, Canada

What am I up to?

Nitrox Logo


I am a Co-Founder of Nitrox. We're improving communication between Remote Workers and their co-workers.

First Exit Media Logo

First Exit Media

I have done a lot of contract work through First Exit Media. I've helped 15+ entrepreneurs launch new products for their businesses by rapidly building prototypes for web and mobile apps. I've also made a lot of corporate websites.

Lighthouse Labs Logo

Lighthouse Labs

I answer questions from students in the Web Bootcamp. Questions range from debugging tough environment issues to architecture decisions about their web apps. I've been mentoring at Lighthouse since July 2015 and it's been great!

Technical Skills

Favorite Stack

  • Ruby on Rails
  • React

Other than that, anything that solves the problem

Other Tools

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Trello

Self-Deprecated Stack

Hopefully I'll never have to use these again

  • PHP / Drupal
  • Python* / Django
  • ES5 / CoffeeScript / Angular1
  • Objective-C
  • Java

*Alright, Python is pretty awesome