Zach Levy Sailing

Zach Levy

Entrepreneur and Developer in Toronto, Canada

  • "Zach always understood my most difficult questions, even when they threw other mentors for a loop"

    - Student at Lighthouse Labs

  • "Zach was very knowledgeable and patient in guiding us"

    - Student at Lighthouse Labs

  • "Awesome site! I really like how it puts the battles in context on the map! Like, when reading about different battles, I always want to know exactly where they took place, this lets you do that."

    - westherm about History Mapped

  • "Had not realised the Battle of Tours was so far north... Great site, bookmarked."

    - MyHandsAreRed about History Mapped

  • "Exactly what it says: These gentlemen are bringing up the funniest and most absurd (duh) moments in history, very clear and never fails for a laugh. One of my favorites."

    - Walker1010 listening to Absurd History

  • "Absolutely fantastic. I just watched 2 videos and the geospatial information is invaluable in understanding the battles."

    - ScaryShoes about History Mapped

  • "Zach was great as always"

    - Student at Lighthouse Labs

  • "Thank you for spending the time to walk me through everything"

    - Student at Ligthouse Labs

  • "Great jumping off point: Exactly what it needs to be- entertaining idea source for further research, they are fun and clear. Good job!"

    - karmi1381 listening to Absurd History

  • "I immediately bookmarked the page, super helpful and informative."

    - JarretGax about History Mapped

  • "I love homeboy’s voice and enthusiasm for the stuff. Like a great convo over drinks with a great storyteller."

    - Bender B Bender listening to Absurd History

What am I up to?

Bite Kiosk Logo

Bite Kiosk

I am building self-service kiosks at Bite! Less waiting, more eating.

First Exit Media Logo

First Exit Media

I have done a lot of contract work through First Exit Media. I've helped 15+ entrepreneurs launch new products for their businesses by rapidly building prototypes for web and mobile apps. I've also made a lot of corporate websites.

Lighthouse Labs Logo

Lighthouse Labs

I answer questions from students in the Web Bootcamp. Questions range from debugging tough environment issues to architecture decisions about their web apps. I've been mentoring at Lighthouse since July 2015 and it's been great!

Technical Skills

Favorite Stack

  • Ruby on Rails
  • React
  • Node.js

Other than that, anything that solves the problem

Other Tools

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Trello

Self-Deprecated Stack

Hopefully I'll never have to use these again

  • PHP / Drupal
  • Python* / Django
  • ES5 / CoffeeScript / Angular1
  • Objective-C
  • Java

* jk, Python is awesome