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Zach Levy

Entrepreneur and Developer in Toronto, Canada

  • "Thank you for spending the time to walk me through everything"

    - Student at Ligthouse Labs

  • "Awesome site! I really like how it puts the battles in context on the map! Like, when reading about different battles, I always want to know exactly where they took place, this lets you do that."

    - westherm about History Mapped

  • "Great jumping off point: Exactly what it needs to be- entertaining idea source for further research, they are fun and clear. Good job!"

    - karmi1381 listening to Absurd History

  • "Had not realised the Battle of Tours was so far north... Great site, bookmarked."

    - MyHandsAreRed about History Mapped

  • "Zach always understood my most difficult questions, even when they threw other mentors for a loop"

    - Student at Lighthouse Labs

  • "Exactly what it says: These gentlemen are bringing up the funniest and most absurd (duh) moments in history, very clear and never fails for a laugh. One of my favorites."

    - Walker1010 listening to Absurd History

  • "thank you for leaving good comments and documentation everywhere"

    - Co-worker at Bite

  • "I love homeboy’s voice and enthusiasm for the stuff. Like a great convo over drinks with a great storyteller."

    - Bender B Bender listening to Absurd History

  • "Absolutely fantastic. I just watched 2 videos and the geospatial information is invaluable in understanding the battles."

    - ScaryShoes about History Mapped

  • "Zach was very knowledgeable and patient in guiding us"

    - Student at Lighthouse Labs

  • "Zach was great as always"

    - Student at Lighthouse Labs

  • "I immediately bookmarked the page, super helpful and informative."

    - JarretGax about History Mapped

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