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I love building products, here are my favorites.



Remote Worker Tools

Nitrox lets your remote and Work From Home team members feel like they are in the office with the rest of the team. The Nitrox bridge keeps an open audio connection between the office and anyone not at the office.

Absurd History Podcast

Absurd History


Listen to myself and Michael Brown tell you the most absurd stories from history. True tales from Rome and Medieval Europe so insane your jaw will hit the floor.

Life Pro Tips: An Addendum To Life. Book Promo

Life Pro Tips: an addendum to life

Life Hacks and Pro Tips for life. Improve your life and the lives of those around you in this modern perspective in various aspects of you life including: Social, Career & Work, General, Entertainment.

$11.99 USD

History Mapped

History Mapped

Famous Battles Map and Timeline

Interactive map and timeline of hugely famous historical battles on YouTube. Zoom around the map and the timeline to get context on the most interesting ancient battles.



Physical Web URL Shortener

Physly is a url shortener specifically designed for the physical web. This is useful for the hardware limitations of the Bluetooth Eddystone protocol used in beacons for the Physical Web.

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